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The Coldstream Neighborhood Garage Sale is set for May 31, 2014 Saturday 9 AM - 4PM.  More information to follow.

Large turnout at Annual Meeting.  Randy Edwards informed us that construction on the Nursery Road Bridge will start by April 11, 2014.  The County Council approved spending more money (11 March 2014) to get the 4 year old project moving.

Annual Meeting  Tuesday March 11, 2014 6:45 PM Cornerstone Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall rear of building.


  • Election of Officers
  • Nursery Road Bridge Update with Lexington County Engineer, Randy Edwards
  • Discussion reguarding possible neighborhood yard sale
  • Neighborhood Watch Update with Irmo Resident Deputy, Dan Rusinyak
  • Budget Update reguarding Dues increase to $30.00 annually
Randy Edwards, Lexington County Engineer has received bid packages. (1-13-14)  They are being reviewed and Randy will fill us in on revised building schedule.

Dan Rusinyak, Irmo Resident Deputy has indicated we need another meeting on Crime watch for Coldstream area.

Dues for 2014 are now due!!

Not a Member yet?  Just fill out membership form and send in with Check for $30.00 for the year.

Contact your neighbors and let them know.   If they don't have email print them off a form to join. 

  2014 HOA annual dues are now due, you may mail your check to:

                                                 Coldstream HOA

                                                 P.O. Box 2615

                                                  Irmo, SC  29063

New bridge 

This is the news paper article about proposed bridge.



Please fill out the Membership form and include it with your check.  Be sure to include your email address as this will be the easiest way to communicate information.  It will also help us keep our costs down. 

Previous meeting speakers were

Norm Nicholson was our Crime Watch speaker, along with Dan Rusinyak, Irmo Resident Deputy, and Jeff Allen, Irmo Fire Marshall


Please plan to attend the  next meeting and help us make a difference in our neighborhood.

Note to Cold Stream Home Owners members who have joined the HOA, we have added some recent crime activity information the HOA members section.  For all neighborhood residents, see the letter in the Crime Watch section regarding some important holidays safety tips..  

Dan Rusinyak

Lexington County Sheriff's Dept.

Irmo Resident Deputy

Voice Mail: 785-0882 <

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